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Christine Baker



FNMA - Nationsbanc - KeyCorp

Conspiracy to Defraud Cindi out of her home

TWO entirely fraudulent foreclosures -- on the SAME property!

6/11/05:This page is from 1997

It is as relevant as ever.

Mortgage fraud is rampant across the United States.

The judges, the many attorneys for the defrauding lenders and well as the attorneys (mis)representing Cindi, the regulators and Governor Pete Wilson,  President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton - they're all GUILTY of allowing and condoning this fraud.


The blue type indicates my Comments, Opinions and Conclusion. They are not part of the chronology.

If anyone believes that I made an incorrect statement, please e-mail details.

Chronology of Events as of  June 1, 1997

1983 NOV
Original Loan in the amount of $40,500 with Greater Suburban Mortgage  - Property purchased for $45,000

1990 SEP
Remitted 82 monthly payments as per agreement
(Nov/83 through Sept/90)

1991 JUN
Cindi filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Lender Claim:  $5,845.62 -- legal fees + 9  payments (Oct 90 - Jun 91)

1994 FEB
Cindi had been struggling to meet the payments during the previous years as she is a single mother, never got child support, was on medical leave several times, etc. etc.

Cindi arranged with Lisa Moulin at KeyCorp to make the Feb and March payments by April 1, 1994.

She mailed the February payment via certified mail on March 16.  On March 17, Ronald G. Holbert, attorney for KeyCorp sent the 10-day notice:

"Pursuant to Paragraph 4 of said Order, this correspondence shall serve as notice that should the above default not be cured IN FULL within ten (10) days of the date of this Notice, this office will proceed to seek relief from the automatic stay by lodging with the Court a Declaration re Non-Receipt of Funds together with a proposed Order granting Creditor full and complete relief from the automatic stay."

I think this means the lender can foreclose and hold the Trustee Sale within 30 days from the date of the notice without filing a NOD (Notice of  Default)

On March 25 the payment was returned by Brian Witherel, KeyCorp employee,  as it was insufficient to cure the default.
94 APR
Upon receipt of the returned payment, Cindi made numerous phone calls  and sent six to seven faxes to Lisa Moulin per day for a week.  Then Brian Witherel finally informed Cindi that attorney Holbert was not aware of the agreement with Lisa and he (Brian) could not stop the current proceedings to foreclose.
94 MAY
Cindi had her attorney Madhu Kalra contact KeyCorp and deposited with Madhu Kalra 4 payments as per recommendation of the BK Court. BK Court also recommended she contact KeyCorp and their attorneys herself.   The KeyCorp attorney  Holbert refused to discuss the matter and Brian Witherel advised the sale was scheduled for 5-24-94.  Cindi was desperate, asking what on earth she could do to get him to take the 4 payments deposited with her lawyer. On Brian Witherel's advice she dismissed her BK and re-filed.  Cindi was current with her BK and only ONE month from completion.

Cindi and her attorney spoke with Brian Witherel & verified the re-filing via phone and fax 5-20-94.

Cindi had been very unhappy about having to file for BK again. She paid for 4 legal consultations, as she was not impressed with her attorney Madhu Kalra.  They all advised her that she should go back to her old lawyer and they were surprised that KeyCorp was so difficult to work with.

She asked Brian Witherel  whether they didnít have to take her payments.  He replied: "We don't HAVE to do anything."  He also told her that she owed over $8,000.

She dismissed her existing BK and re-filed the same day, May 20, 1994.
94 JUN
On June 23 Cindi got home from work to find a 9 page notice of a hearing on June 29. KeyCorp had filed a Motion to Shorten the BK Hearing and claimed that Cindi had filed the new BK in bad faith.  They had already held the sale on May 24 and were looking to have the Court validate the Sale.  Cindi had not known that her house had been sold a month earlier.

Brian Witherel claimed that Cindi had not made payments since May 1993 (over $8,000) and then they did not file a claim with new BK.  Thatís why they claimed bad faith.  (you canít win, either pay $8,000+ or we claim nothing but get the sale validated)

The  Court denied the motions and declared Cindi current through July 1994.

6/25/05:  The annotated Court statement and the fraudulent KeyCorp demand.

This was the 1st entirely FRAUDULENT foreclosure!

The monetary cost to Cindi was $1,200, owed to her lawyer Madhu Kalra.  This was the ONLY claim aside from tax assessments later removed (not paid) as the IRS found in her favor.

The emotional distress must have been incredible! Nobody prosecuted KeyCorp.  They forced Cindi into the new BK and supplied completely incorrect figures.

Didnít somebody sign this outrageous lie under penalty of perjury?
94 JUL
Cindi got laid off her job of 10 years a few days after she had agreed to a $300 a month BK payment, all going to her lawyer Madhu Kalra. She stopped paying after 2 month.  Cindi never heard from Madhu Kalra again. When Cindi later requested documents from Ms. Kalra, she didn't return her calls.

95 JAN
Cindi remained current on her monthly payments to KeyCorp through January 1995.

95 FEB
Cindi contacted KeyCorp to let them know she was expecting the funds from her ESOP retirement account by March according to the notice received from ESOP.
95 MAR
Second BK dismissed due to failure to make payments.  She owed the February and  March 1995 payments to KeyCorp.  On March 21 Ronald Holbert mails another 10 Day Notice.

Now, here is where I have a real problem.  Cindi was NOT in bankruptcy, her first BK was successfully completed, in the second BK KeyCorp submitted no claim.  Why did they have the right to send a 10 Day Notice, require certified funds and threaten with the sale?

Nationsbanc acquired KeyCorp.

Cindi is now dealing with Tracy in the foreclosure department at Nationsbanc.   They didn't give out last names.

95 APR
The ESOP money was still being processed due to a company merger, so Cindi had applied for a hardship withdrawal from her 401(K) plan.   The request was denied.

Losing your house to foreclosure while youíre unemployed isnít hardship?

Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation notified Cindi that the sale was to be held May 12, 1995.
95 MAY
Cindi called Karen Kelly at Cal-Western and explained that her ESOP $$$ should be here soon.  On May 11 Cindi was assured the ESOP checks were already generated, dated 6-8-95.  They were awaiting the release on 6-8-95 and were to be mailed that day.

The sale was scheduled for May 12! Cindi called Tracy at Nationsbanc.  Cindi offered to supply the name and number at the ESOP plan so that Tracy could verify herself.  Tracy said she couldn't postpone the sale.  It was late afternoon. 

Cindi filed her third BK the next morning an hour before the sale.
95 JUN
BK #3 was dismissed on 6-2-95. Cindi hadnít filed the additional paperwork as she never intended to complete the BK, she was just waiting for her check. The sale was scheduled for 6-9-95. On the 12th Cindi received the ESOP envelope, but instead of a check they had sent shares.   Cindi faxed Tracy the stock brokerís receipt for negotiating her shares.

Tracy  postponed the sale until 6-23-95 and  faxed the cost to reinstate. They demanded $8,088, good until  7-1, but then they changed the figures to over $9,000 when Cindi wanted to pay.  She only had $8,100.  Since Cindi had the Cal-Western fax with the $8,088 figure, they postponed the sale to 7-7-95.

She requested a second distribution of shares to come up with the extra $1,400.  At this point, Cindi was 5 months past due, her monthly payment was $356.19.  Being able to calculate 5 times 356 and adding $2,000 for legal fees, she had never expected the demand to be so high.  When she inquired with Nationsbanc repeatedly, she was told they were reconciling her account, and not to worry.

Cindi was promised the account would be reconciled and the excess payments would prepay her loan for about a year.

6/11/05:  I have since seen this same pattern over and over:  Prepayments are NOT properly allocated and later result in fraudulent foreclosures.  2 years later, Cindi still had NOT received the accounting.
95 JUL
Due to the holidays Cindi was unable to redeem the additional stock certificates  before 7-7-95 and the sale was held.

That afternoon, Estelle Chamberlin at Cal-Western informed Cindi that it took a day or longer to record the Trusteeís Deed and if Cindi was there Monday morning with the cash, she would pull the deed and cancel the sale.

Cindi was there Monday morning and paid $9,418.60.

Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation had a 10-ft fence with razor wire around the property.  A security guard was patrolling the fenced parking lot. However, the customers had to park on the street.  They passed the building guard, and entered a secure area with the receptionist behind bullet proof glass. After their names and physical description were verified, they got to the waiting room.  Finally they were able to pay.

WOW, they must have more cash than BofA at Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation! Or an awful lot of people are mad as hell at them. Considering that apparently lenders defraud Borrowers on a regular basis, Iím surprised that desperate, abused and defrauded home owners donít go on shooting sprees more often.

In the early 90ís Realtor Britton from Burlingame, California, was shot and killed after he evicted a family after foreclosure.
95 SEP
Cindi received a $395.31 impound refund check from Nationsbanc. She endorsed it and returned it to Nationsbanc to be applied as future payment.
95 OCT
Cindi called customer service and was told her account was being reviewed by Nationsbanc.
95 NOV
Cindi called customer service again, expressed her concern about the length of time sheíd been waiting for her account reconciliation. She was told it was year end and they were busy, not to worry.
95 DEC
Nationsbanc said they were still busy with end of year and holidays, but it should be soon.
96 JAN
Cindi received  the Notice of Default.

She had not received a single late notice or statement whatsoever.  Her account was prepaid.  When she immediately called Nationsbanc, they acted like it was  no big deal. They would check her account.

96 FEB
Cindi called Nationsbanc at least 5 times a week, no calls were returned. She even had friends calling too.
96 MAR
Nationsbanc explained that her account was now in foreclosure, not bankruptcy, so they had to get the  file from bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy said her file was in foreclosure.
96 APR
Cindi was concerned about Nationsbancís lack of interest, she filed BK 4  to prevent the sale scheduled on 5-24-96.
96 MAY
Numerous calls to Nationsbanc with no return calls. She was left on hold. The few calls answered by Tracy yielded the same old "weíre working on it."  Several times she talked to a guy at Tracyís number (Jeff?).  When Cindi questioned the legality of this foreclosure, he replied "where are you going to get the money for a attorney?" He suggested that if she could afford an attorney, then she should just pay the default.
96 JUN
On 6-3-96 was the BK Creditor Hearing.  In the morning meeting she made her first plan payment.  She was  instructed to remit one mortgage payment.

A guy from FNMA attended and had NO objections whatsoever.

The hearing for the mortgage was that afternoon. Cindi was assured that there were no concerns other than her tax returns, not a problem.

When the hearing started that Monday afternoon, an attorney for Nationsbanc was present, NOT FNMA.  Judge Naugle gave Nationsbanc the first turn to speak.  The attorney mentioned the 6-months rule, and that the BK was filed in bad faith. Nationsbanc had filed an objection Friday.  Cindi never knew, nobody mentioned this objection in the morning.

Judge Naugle: "Dismissed."  Cindi never got a single word in.

FNMA has no objections in the morning, but Nationsbanc has the BK dismissed in the afternoon. Is this a conspiracy or what?

The Nationsbanc attorney told Cindi not to take it personally, that Elena was just out to get her.  Cindi doesn't know any Elena, but reading through her documents later she found that there was a Elena Owen who signed the proofs of service from the Law Office of Gerald Moss, the Nationsbanc attorney.

96 JUN
Cindi can't get help from any bankruptcy attorney because they say she doesnít owe anything to file on. Her loan is still prepaid. Cindi didnít have the  $$$ for a civil attorney.  She was constantly calling Nationsbanc and being  ignored.

The sale was scheduled for 6-21 but was postponed to 6-26 after a friend of Cindi talked to Tracyís boss and asked to review her schedules.
In late June she received a statement from Nationsbanc (first ever) dated 5/17.  It states her next payment of $396.74 is due 6/1/96.   It also shows a $15.87 credit for a late fee. Principal balance: $35,068.53.

"Outstanding Fees:
    Late $0
    Check Return $0
    Other Fees $0
Total Due: $396.74

Important Messages:

Your Monthly Mortgage Statement contains information needed to answer general questions about the servicing of your mortgage loan.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information that is displayed on your statement.

It is our pleasure to service your loan and to provide a monthly statement for your records.  The statement reflects the most current information for your loan.  Be sure to destroy any payment coupons you may have."

Having gone through Cindiís money orders, the lender statements and checking each payment since 1991, I have to say that this is the most correct lender document I have seen so far with respect to the payments.  According to our calculations, Cindi had prepaid until July 96. Iím not sure on the balance, but thatís a separate issue weíre not concerned with right this second.

In July she got another statement, again crediting a late fee, no payments past due.

On the back of the statement I found an interesting item:

Under Payment Information Nationsbanc states: "To avoid late charges, payments must be received by us on or before the due date."  I thought the law required a grace period of at least 10 days.  They do provide a 15 day grace period on the front of that statement.  So what gives?

96 JUL
Cindi received notice that her ex-husband John Lueck (still on the loan) filed for Chapter 13 on 6-21-96, to prevent the sale and he attempted to gain some interest in the property. The sale was rescheduled. However, he didnít complete the bankruptcy.
Cindi then wrote to

  • Nationsbanc attorneys  Janet December and Gerald Moss -- No response
  • Trustee At Cal-Western  Reconveyance  --  No response
  • Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) -- No response
  • Cindi  contacted a number of consumer agencies but received no help.

    They all advised her to get a lawyer

96 AU
Cindiís initial contact with Cal-Western concerned their requirement to perform due diligence in the sale proceedings.  She wrote again and included a copy of the Nationsbanc statement showing NO payments were past due.
96 SEP
On 9-3-96 Cindi received a letter from Cal-Western containing a copy of the response they received from Brian Witherel on 8-30-96.  He responded with a chronology of events relating to the account as he remembered them.

Cindiís latest attorney, Jerry L. Steering has her copy, but I remember seeing it with the documents at the San Bernardino Court House on May 19, 1997. It was not in a statement form and reflected few accounting transactions. Basically, it was a bunch of BS.

Nationsbanc is unable to present Cindiís account activity in a clear concise  manner.  Thatís a problem not unique to Nationsbanc, lenders often are unable to reconcile loans in foreclosure.

Brian Witherel had been the root of all problems while the loan was at KeyCorp.  He is a truly evil person and is right up there in my top ten list of people Iíd like to choke till theyíre blue in the face.   Iím not usually a violent person, but I read his lies for two days.  Iíd like to see this lowlife experience the agony and pain he causes.  We canít force his family to live in a cabin with no kitchen. But we can put him in prison for a few years.  Where did he come from again? He had disappeared after Nationsbanc acquired KeyCorp. What happened to Tracy?

On September  6, 1996, Nationsbanc and FNMA stole Cindiís house.
On September 19, 1996, Cindi was served with the 3 Day Notice to Quit by Aronowitz & Armstrong.

On September 20, 1996,  she responded with a rental agreement.

On September 23, 1996 she was served with the Thirty Day Notice to Quit.
96 OCT
On October 31, 1996, FNMA filed and soon after served Cindi with the Unlawful Detainer.
96 NOV
On November 30, 1996, Cindi received the filed application for fee waiver. It was $180 to file the response, explaining that the sale was not valid as she was not notified and that the deed was obtained fraudulently (loan was current) all filed on Saturday  (11-23-96).
96 DEC
On December 13, 1996  Aronowitz & Armstrong requested a hearing be set for the Unlawful Detainer.
97 JAN
The Unlawful Detainer hearing is set for January 3, 1997 and Cindi  presents Aronowitz & Armstrong with a Chapter 13 filing. (BK #5) on advice of her new attorney Jerry Steering. The continuance is granted, the next hearing is scheduled for February 7, 1997.

Aronowitz & Armstrong contested her BK and won.  They also prohibited any BK (by other persons) on that property.
97 FEB
On 2-7-97 Cindi attended an Unlawful Detainer hearing and presented a Temporary Restraining Order (TO), Order to Show Cause and the Complaint Jerry Steering filed 2-5-97.  The Judge instructed  Cindi to give the documents to Edessa George and she handed them to the bailiff. He handed the docs to the Judge.  In the process the Restraining Order was misplaced!!!????


The Judge ordered payment and immediate possession.  He was a Judge Pro Tem, Cindi didnít know that until after the hearing started.  She never agreed to accept the ruling of a Judge Pro Tem.

She called her attorney Jerry Steering and got another copy of the TRO and presented it to the clerk after the hearing.  They said to call in a few days.
On 2-13-97 Judge Tara Reilly entered a finding after trial on the Courts own motion. Continued until 8-1-97.
97 MAR
The Order to Show Cause hearing was continued from 3-10-97 until 3-31-97 by FNMA after they met. While Jerry Steering was in a Federal Trial he sent Karl Knudson to request a continuance.   The Judge denied it and granted FNMA relief from TRO allowing them to proceed with the Unlawful Detainer.
97 APR
The Unlawful Detainer hearing was held at 1:30 on 4-18-97. FNMA was granted relief.

Attorney Jerry Steering said not to worry.  He couldn't make it  4-18, but he would file a new case & TRO before eviction.

Cindi was served with a Notice to Vacate by April  29, 1997.
On 4-29-97 Century 21 Realtor Jane Blesch arrived with the Marshal.  Cindi was on the phone with Linda at FNMA, Washington DC.

Linda insisted that FNMA did not own the property.

Linda, FNMA, spoke with Realtor Blesch.  Blesch left, only to come back two hours later with two different Marshals who had no idea what was going on.

So Realtor Blesch had Cindi locked out, along with 9 year old Danielle and Tigger the cat.

Blesch is another person on my top ten list of people Iíd like to choke till theyíre blue in the face.  She is local and should be helping the people in her community.  Instead, she is possessed by greed and apparently she is another truly evil person.  She attended all the Unlawful Detainer Hearings, was fully aware of the dispute, yelled at Cindi outside the Court Room, demanding that she leave the house. The scum that has a real estate license Ö.

Jerry Steering had promised to file a new case by April  29, 1997 based on new evidence.  He didnít show up.  He filed the next day.

Cindi had obtained the Certification from CPA Barr Brown stating that he audited the loan and Cindi was not in default when FNMA filed the NOD.
97 MAY
On 5-2-97 they appeared before Superior Judge John P. Wade.

At the Ex Parte Hearing Judge Wade instructed Cindi to use her money to find a place to live instead of paying an attorney.  He agreed with FNMA.  He said sometimes his job is making hard judgment calls and he didn't think Cindi would prevail in October.

He claimed he had done his own accounting and that Cindi just didnít understand the costs involved in foreclosure.

Judge Wade did NOT supply his accounting or any other evidence to show that Cindi was wrong.

Judge Wade completely ignored the CPAís certification stating that the loan was current at the time FNMA filed the NOD.

What a patronizing SOB! Iím looking to have Judge Wade removed from the bench.  He must have had all the evidence, the bank statements, the bank attorney letters, the June 1994 Court Order vacating the sale and declaring the loan current, while Brian Witherel with KeyCorp had fraudulently claimed over $8,000 were past due and SOLD her house.

The Reinstatement Breakdown dated July 14, 1995 shows 17 payments.

They claim that these payments were applied to Installments due from 3/1/94.  Unless Cindi's note calls for payments to be made twice, this is the second time that Nationsbanc is attempting to defraud Cindi.


Exhibit A:  KeyCorp Attorney Holbertís 10 Day Notice dated March 21, 1995:  called for the 2/95 and 3/95 payments for a total of $800.00 (not $8,000.)

Exhibit D:  US Bankruptcy Court Final Report and Account
- Case concluded Thu May 26, 1994

This document proves that Cindi fulfilled her obligations and made ALL payments.

There were NO Pre-petition Arrearages as claimed by FNMA counsel Sharon Mason on May 27, 1997.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature should be able to see that Cindi is right and could not possibly have been in default in 1/96 when the NOD was filed.

Please deliver the keys immediately.

Wednesday, May 21, 1997:  Realtor Jane Blesch, C21 Sevel & Associates posted a notice at the door to their home demanding that they remove all personal belongings by Saturday.

Cindi has no place to put their belongings.  Forest Falls has no self storage, they have no money and no credit.  I'm mad as hell!

Detailed calculations for those not that well versed in math and/or those interested in specifics about more fraud and "irregularities" are at the Evidence Page.

Update May 22, 1997

Yesterday Cindi wrote a 2 page letter to Judge Wade, explaining the events "nicely" and asking him to reconsider his decision.

This morning she got a fax number which will hopefully reach Judge Wade as promised.

If he still doesn't understand that Cindi was 6 months prepaid when FNMA filed the NOD, then I don't know.

I sent a nasty email to FNMA. Linda, the woman who had claimed that FNMA did not own Cindi's house when she was evicted had not returned Cindi's calls/e-mails this week.

I'm pissed.  What's it take to get some attention?

Ms. Haas,

apparently you've been too busy to reply to Cindi Campbell's numerous requests for help.  Or you just don't give a damn?

I am notifying the US Attorney General's office of the FNMA - Nationsbanc conspiracy to defraud Cindi Campbell.

I will demand that you are PERSONALLY held liable for the financial and emotional damages to Cindi and her 9 year old daughter Danielle.

You do nothing, and you are an accessory to this conspiracy to defraud and I will be asking for jail time.

Cindi has been pleading with you for help.  Being nice didn't work.

I demand that you get off your lazy corporate ass and IMMEDIATELY (that's TODAY) have the keys to her house delivered to Cindi (909) 794-xxxx.

The chronology of this fraud/conspiracy is at

FNMA-mortgage-fraud-chronology.shtml [link updated]

and today I'm working on the Evidence Page.  This page will contain many additional charges and links to the actual documents.

FNMA-mortgage-fraud-evidence.shtml [link updated]

I hope you know what's good for you.

Christine Baker

Cindi didn't get the keys, but FNMA Senior Attorney ANN MASON called Cindi to let her know she was having Cindi's file sent to her via courier and will call back ASAP.

Meanwhile, Realtor Jane Blesch, C-21 Sevel & Associates, apparently had somebody remove Cindi's personal property from the house onto the deck and in the yard.

Realtor Blesch and the Broker in charge of her office got the nasty-fax including a copy of the FNMA e-mail. 

Can you believe the guts these people have?  Just yesterday Cindi had until Saturday.  Is it Saturday? In San Francisco it's still Thursday. Duh!

Got e-mail from a former Transamerica employee, stating that she quit due to their accounting and business practices and that many borrowers were defrauded.

I hope she'll testify.

I talked to a local foreclosure consultant, got a lawyer referral, talked to him, tried to catch up a little on my unread and unanswered e-mail.  I'm way behind on mail. If I haven't answered yours, please accept my apologies.

I updated the BayHouse main page, updated this one, darn where did the day go?
Why does everything take so long?

It's Wednesday, May 28, 1997  3:30 AM

Cindi spent Memorial Day weekend moving what's left of her belongings into her ex husband's front yard. 

Her house had been broken into (?) and vandalized. All the food was dumped all over the place.  Many items were broken, not a thing was where it used to be.

Ann Mason, FNMA, had called Cindi Friday afternoon. She was not able to finish reviewing the file until Tuesday.  She could at least have asked Realtor Blesch to wait until Tuesday before forcing Cindi to move everything out. Blesch claimed Cindi is a liar and that she has written proof.

I faxed to C21 Sevel & Associates Monday afternoon, spoke with Broker Dave Sevel.  I asked for their side of the story and the written proof that Cindi lied.  He said he couldn't discuss it with me because I have a real estate broker license.


He also promised to forward my fax to the Real Estate Commissioner.

I sure appreciate that, one less thing for me to do.

Tuesday I faxed 6 pages to Judge Wade in the late morning, he had not replied to Cindi's letter last week.

As Tuesday afternoon came around and we didn't hear from FNMA attorney Mason, we all got very tense.  

What could possibly take so long?

They couldn't care less and the file hasn't even been looked at?
Or they know they're in deep shit and are feverishly discussing damage control?

I sent another furious E-mail to FNMA, to be forwarded to Ann Mason. 

No reply.  We have no fax or phone number for her. We don't even know whether she is with FNMA Washington or FNMA Pasadena.

I was fantasizing about breaking her nose and punching out every one of her teeth.  What's it take to get some attention?  Blow up buildings?

I e-mailed Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Pete Wilson

6/11/05:  I expected it to be a waste of time, but I was so worried that Cindi would kill herself and I wanted to make sure that I'd done everything I could do.  I know that thousands of desperate people waste their time to contact their legislators and the White House in similar situation.  I don't know of a single person who got anything but an auto response or the idiotic advice to get a lawyer.

I asked for a phone call by FNMA attorney Ann Mason. 
I got an auto response, nothing else.

We're having a crisis because FNMA is not responding. They do NOT dispute our charges. They ignore my daily inquiries. Senior FNMA attorney Ann Mason had promised Friday afternoon to finish the review of Cindi's file by Tuesday. We haven't heard a word since.

I believe the FNMA execs are hoping Cindi will kill herself in desperation.

Cindi is suicidal, ill and in a lot of pain, her ex husband is back and she has no place to go, no money, Memorial Day weekend Realtor Blesch forced her to move all her belongings out of her house into her ex husband's front yard. 

I invited them to stay at my house, but I'm 450 miles north. 
And what about her stuff? 

Why does nobody respond?

Except for Cindi's now fired lawyer Jerry Steering who sent e-mail last night. He disagrees with me, so I added his E-mail unedited.  It's the remove and apologize or I sue letter.

He read my website and just didn't get it! He STILL doesn't know where he screwed up.  Hard to believe.

I had talked to Steering last week Tuesday on the phone.  He kept yelling and screaming at me: "You idiot"   When I asked him whether he was able to read accounting statements he replied: "No, I don't."

Uhm, who's the idiot?

There's more to come about Jerry Steering as soon as I got the time.

Oh, I nearly forgot!  Home Savings finally sent me their letter apologizing for "misapplying" my Sept. 96 mortgage payment.  They are so incompetent, they STILL demand over $600 in late charges, even while they acknowledge their mistake in the same letter.

It is friggin unbelievable.  The guts these people have.  

The letter was signed by the foreclosure department manager.

I haven't even started on the page about Home Savings filing the Notice of Default on my house.  It seems like a minor problem compared to Cindi's nightmare. At least I hadn't been evicted yet. As soon as we got Cindi back in her house, I'll work on the Home Savings page.  Will ask them for a settlement without a legal battle, before I even get a lawyer.  Don't think it'll work, but you never know till you try.

6/11/05:  I don't think I ever started on a Home Savings page, but I posted a brief summary when I became very angry about all the people in foreclosure who expect me to work for them free of charge -- rather than getting their act together and using the tools and examples of "fighting back" provided entirely free of charge.

May 29, 1997:
We finally received a response  from FNMA.  Sharon Mason sent another bla bla bla letter.  I included her letter as Exhibit C on the Evidence Page, along with my reply and comments.

The second reply was from Anthony V. Lupo with Arent Fox on behalf of his client FNMA. He sent two letters dated May 27, 1997 via Federal Express, one to me and one to Mr. Paul Theodoropoulos, Vice President West Coast On-Line.

Anthony V. Lupo threatened with legal action against if they continued to host my "libelous" pages by TOMORROW.

It so happened that I also demanded an accounting statement by noon Friday.  It's the only way we can prove that FNMA defrauded Cindi Campbell.

June 1, 1997
For now I'll add all current events to the Evidence Page.  We have a ton of information to upload and a zillion questions for FNMA.  I might update here at a later date again, but right now we just got too many other important things to do.


I briefly reviewed the file at the San Bernardino Courthouse and I spent many hours reviewing Cindi's documents, many of them were originals.  I have no reason to believe that Cindi has withheld any documents. I saw her money order receipts, the lender statements, the lawyer letters, the Court Orders ...

If anyone believes that I made an incorrect statement, please e-mail details.  I've been working on this about 16 hours a day for the last two weeks and it is certainly possible that I made a typo somewhere or inserted the wrong date or name.  However, there is no doubt that Cindi's loan was current at the time FNMA filed the NOD.

Under penalty of perjury I declare that as far as I know the above chronology is the accurate documentary of the FNMA and Nationsbanc attempts to steal Cindi's home.

June 1, 1997

Christine Baker

297 El Camino Real #210
San Bruno, CA 94066

December 23, 1997:  Cindi posted that she got her house back.

6/12/05 update:  I have no idea what happened, have not heard from Cindi since her posting and I can only hope that she and Danielle are well.

FNMA Fraud Chronology

FNMA Fraud Evidence & Calculations

The 2 documents proving the FNMA fraud

12/23/97:  Cindi posted that she got her house back.

The 2002 documentary:  Wells Fargo and the Buckley Firm conspiring to fraudulently foreclose on Lynette's home.

The 6/25/05 blog posting about the revival of the FNMA documentary

My 1995 Transamerica fraud documentary.

The 6/25/05 blog posting about this documentary

Revised June 1, 1997 --  minor updates 6/05

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