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Privacy Policy

Client data

I will NOT release client data to anyone without the client's permission or a court order.

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Please be aware that using your E-mail address in postings at the forums or blog will result in junk mail and/or targeted solicitations.

Any time you put an e-mail address on the web, it will be "harvested" by programs doing nothing but collecting e-mail addresses and web pages.

If you don't want your e-mail public, please edit your PROFILE to HIDE your e-mail address.

The safest alternative is to use a free e-mail address at Yahoo, Netscape, Hotmail or one of the hundreds of sites that offer free web e-mail. That way you can just change the e-mail address once you get too much spam.

Of course * I * will always be able to look up your e-mail address.

Also, please be aware that the information in your profiles is PUBLIC.  I actually had a real estate investor and professor bitterly complain about that.  So, please turn on your brain before posting your personal data or entering it into any profile at any forum anywhere.

I do NOT market.

The only e-mail you'll receive from me is account activation, lost password recovery, etc. initiated by you.

IP numbers

I will disclose IP numbers only upon receiving a court order or upon violation of the forum and blog terms or upon request of the poster.

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Subscribe or unsubscribe  For assistance please e-mail.

Moronic e-mails sent to me

Occasionally I have published e-mails as at and Michael Shannahan's:

"Another whinny, gutless, pathetic liberal, always crying about the CORPORATIONS ripping everybody off ..."

Please post your opinions at the blog or forum or just close the browser window and stay away from my sites.

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