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Fair Isaac's FICO Risk Factors

Credit Bureau Risk Factor Reason Codes
via fax from Fair Isaac on 1-15-2001

"This chart lists the score factor reason codes and reason statement description for Fair, Isaac broad-based  credit bureau risk scores (BEACON®, EMPIRICA® , the Experian/Fair, Isaac® Model) and associated Industry Option Scores (Auto, Bankcard Installment, and Personal Finance) across the major credit bureaus, as well as for the credit bureau mortgage risk score UniQuote , available through Trans Union ®."

"This chart may be used as a reference when taking adverse action or in customer service when responding to consumers' inquiries as to the reasons for the declination."

"This list is presented in numerical sequence by assigned score factor code. Note that reason statements and codes may be duplicated when the same reason is assigned different codes for different credit bureaus, or when the same code is assigned to different reason statements for different credit bureaus."

"The legend is as follows:

  • A * in the column indicates that the assigned reason code and statement are assigned to that score.
  • I/O in the column indicates that the code is only used in one or more Industry  Options but is not currently used in the base model.
  • A number in the column specifies the code associated with the reason statement for that score

  •  "BK only" in the column indicates that the code and statement are assigned to just the BEACON-BK model (reason code 36 only).

  • A blank in the column indicates that the code is not presently delivered with that particular score."

 Fair Isaac Risk Factor Reason Codes

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